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How we can choose a good domain name?
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How we can choose a good domain name?                                    

Domain naming is just as important as doing business. Because the domain name helps to have the opportunity for new customers to visit the website. If the naming is confusing or does not represent the business, may make customers who come to see do not understand our business and does not relate with the website. By choosing that domain name, not as difficult as thought. There are only 10 suggestions.

2. The domain name doesn't always have to be “.com”.
2.	The domain name doesn't always have to be “.com”.                                    

concerning the domain name extension. You can check that by name was added? May be more suitable for you than “.com”. If your company does about technology, we would like to recommend “ .tech” or would like another byname to be found at “ ”.

1. Use a short and relate the website.
1.	Use a short and relate the website.                                    
By using a short name doesn't mean, Will be short until unable to understand the meaning. But refers to names that are easy to remember, such as google, facebook and have a company name to help make it easier to find.
3. Don't give a strange name
3.	Don't give a strange name                                    

6. Search your domain

- Should check your domain first if someone has bought it, because sometimes the name will be used, making it impossible to use the same name again. And have copyright?. By checking easily Just find a website that can buy any website domain. Here, we recommend to help you make decision easier.

7. Let the generator website name help you.

- Currently, more than 351.8 million domains have been registered. May cause us to not be able to think of the name. Try using the generator website. Just fill in the keywords. The generator will help you think of the words. By looking at the recommended website here

8. Easy to Spell and Pronounce

- If you want people to talk to each other, you should help them to be easy to tell. The name you give should be easy to say aloud. Because if out of the 20 people who say that are pronounced incorrectly. May cause your company to lose customers.

9. Also interested in SEO if you want the website to have a lot of visitors.

- The ideas of a domain name is related to SEO in order to make it easier to find, making it easy to stick to top10 if the domain name contains the words used in SEO.

- Stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means making a website ranked at the top. By customizing the website and adding quality links to the website.

10. Final recommendation ,If you don't want anyone to use the same website name as yours.

- You should buy a domain name. In other bynames too. Such as “ ”, “ .net ”, “ .com ”, “ ” .

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