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Analyzing problem in each container depot operation
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Analyzing problem in each container depot operation                                    

Each day there are many problem in the container depot. Both in the part of the container surveyor, the container repairer, the CY(Container Yard) staff or even the part of the customer service. These problem have to be solved quickly, so that the work can continue with convenience, quickness, And meets the needs of both the container depot and client.

Container depot has a lot of containers that go in and out each day. Which can cause problems Both from the container surveyor, container repairer and CY(Container Yard) which will be discussed in the next by analyzing the problems of each container occurring in each depot that will help work to be easier improved access to the depot problem. And can solve problem more precisely as well.

1. CONTAINER SURVEYOR                                    

In every depot, the container surveyor must have one draft survey and one camera with memory cards in the device to survey the container which can help the surveyor to easier to survey, but each user has a different problem in use.

SURVEY STAFF:  In the case of a damaged container and the cost is high. The container surveyor must bring the draft survey and walk to send the photos to the office immediately. It’s made a waste of time working.

The problem is: The container surveyor must be walked to send photos all time to the office.

A traffic jam in the depot made the staff disappear, causing discontinuous work.

Draft survey: The surveyor has already written the details of the damage in the draft survey. They will give it to the driver to bring it to the officer to confirm that the container has been received. 

The problem is: The draft survey where the container surveyor checked the damage and writing the damage code one by one on the paper, sometimes they haste or unintentionally, causing writing the damage code to be incorrectly repaired, such as from a wound, broken wall, wrong writing into a broken roof, etc.

Sometimes the damage of the container has a lot required to write a draft Survey damage that was taken and the actual inconsistent repair wound, or the photo is not clear, has to find the containers to take another photo again. Which did not know the location of those containers so it is hard to found.

In the 1 Photography of the container: Must take photos. The front of the container is the first photo. And follow more than two sheets.

The handwriting of each container surveyor is scribbled. It made the officer can't read it.

When the surveyor sends the draft survey to the office by the driver. The driver will be the contact person at the office. Just a moment inside the depot, The said documents were damaged, dirty, oiled before reaching the office. And sometimes Some of the drivers had no work so they didn't rush. Maybe stop park to restroom or park to have lunch in the container depot. Causing delay before walking to submit documents at the office Because the office has to wait for the draft survey and other documents from the driver to enter data in the system.

The PHOTO: All photos will be on the memory card. The surveyor will bring to the office to load photos in the evening of every day.

The problem is: At times, the office staff will inform back that the photo by the wound damage before starting to take photos of the second container, Must take a photo. The front of the container is the first image of photos. And followed by the wound damage respectively.

Therefore, the front of the containers is to start in a new folder. Occasionally, the survey staff missed taking a photo in front of the containers and made the wounds other containers to combine.

The CAMERA: When the photo has finished loading in the evening. The officer will remove the battery to charge for use the next morning.

The problem is: Because it takes a lot of cameras. One office must have one camera for one container surveyor. Must buy a cheap camera. It’s not strong, not durable when encountering droplets or fall damage and has to waste time buying a new camera.

Camera batteries have a short service life. If while working, Out of battery, bad battery. The surveyor must run back to change batteries at the office. It's a waste of time.

The camera has many functions. Some staff is not experts in digital cameras. Missed pressed in the other modes that are strange. Must hold the camera for the office to fix which is a waste of time in working.

The camera is currently set up from the factory. It's making the photos look smooth, look fake, and make the photos look beautiful, which does not meet the needs of the container depot. That wanted the photo taken to be clear, with clear deep wounds, and burr grooves on wood floors can see oil stains clearly etched on the wood surface to approve the repair from the agent to consider without discrepancy.

The MEMORY CARD: When all photos have loaded. Will be kept separately in a box. It's an empty memory card waiting to be taken again.

The problem is: When being used Removing a memory card In-out often may cause the card to deteriorate or be damaged.

The memory card is a small piece. That is always easy to disappear.

2. CONTAINER REPAIRER                                    

When the container is damaged. The staff and the container repairer will contact each other to report and fix the problem. But before editing, the staff will make an estimate and send details to the customer. They have many processes to do. And in each process must be highly detailed.

2.1   Estimate officer.

This draft survey will be forwarded to the container repairer department immediately. To assess the damage But is a rough data collection system.

The problem is: When they enter information in the system has been successful. But the repairer in the office still cannot do anything with that information. Since there is a photo not yet. they have to wait in the evening for the survey staff to come in to load the photo.

Unable to finish the work on a scheduled day by day. For example, Today they've finished uploading photos, Finished organizing photos into folders ready to send the estimate to the agent.

When photos are loaded onto the computer in the evening after work. Resulting in the next morning the repair department in the office having to waste time resizing all photos and organize photos into folders in each container before pulling the photo to do the estimate, which is a waste of many hours of work.

The next morning sometimes it's impossible to arrange photos into folders. If the previous day's cost of repair is not completed or otherwise, for example, if the agent has pending approval or has to take a new photo for any container that has not been completed or has to adjust the status of the container before as per agent approved the repair.

Estimate, If the photo is not clear. The photo is not complete according to the wound written, or written wounds that can not read Must notify the survey staff personnel to check again, causing the said containers to be incomplete and set a waiting status.

If the estimate of other containers is finished, they can input the system one by one. But if there are more than 10 items, it may take a long time for the input into the systems

When the agent ordered to approve the repair containers. The Estimate Officer must stop others working to adjust the status of this container in the system to “APPROVED” first to show in the daily report.

Printing out the repair list of every container that the agent approved to the repairer. And send it to a mechanic in the inside depot to know too. By having to type and print the worksheet at each container number, such as one hundred containers approval, then have to keys and print one hundred worksheets.

2.2 Repairing containers. 

This department doesn't have any problems. Just repairing the containers to meet the standards. And the list of documents approved by the agent only. And take photos after the repair, send it to the office.

The problem is: After the container repair is finished. Must hurry to notify the result after the containers repair is finished arrive at the office hours 11:00 and 16:00 so that the office will adjust its status from “APPROVED” to container AV for sending a daily report to the agent So, the technicians have to walk to the office twice a day at least.

After the repairs are done and immediately release the containers. The technician had to waste time walking to the office several times to send photos before releasing the containers out of the container yard.

The photos were taken after the container repair was completed. Considered as important evidence to collect the repair fee with the agent. But it often causes problems that the containers have been repaired and releases out the containers immediately. The mechanic tells the office to take a photo already. When looking at the photos, It appears that the photos were not repaired completely. Not exactly as repaired. Causing the wound to not get the money, so it will be free repaired immediately.

3. SHIPPING CONTAINER YARD (CY) STAFF                                    

This department is the arrangement of the containers, release containers, pick up the containers, and lift the containers which often have many problems,

Due to the containers have many volumes in and out every day. In most cases, it will be confused about which position is the new container. Because the staff can not remember the container number, and can not remember positions.

When having to return the containers today, it is an AV container. You can lift it up. But if a DM container comes in, you have to lift it to the stack of damaged containers. But in the meantime, found the containers that had to be lifted down to repair, Had to be lifted out into the repair pile, causing the containers that just came in today was moved to replace the original position instead. And may continuously accumulate until can not remember the position of the new container.

CY staff will only have a document called the “STOCK CONTAINERS LIST”, it only tells you the date, number, customer, and status. but it doesn’t have a location for all containers is specified.

In the case that the office wants to know the condition of the internal container What commodities can be put? CY staff won't know the location of the containers at all, or the survey staff wants to come in to take more photos, causing CY staff to have to find the containers until found.

If customers come to select the containers first. For installing the fixed container. This means that there are separate containers. Do not release it to other customers. But maybe the CY staff can’t remember all the container numbers. There is a mistake to let other customers come out, causing the office to inform the driver back to change to a new container, Causing the position of the containers where the fixed container. was installed maybe not be able to find the location when the real customers come to pick up.

When having containers approved to repair The technician will inform the CY staff what the container numbers are. That is a very difficult matter. Due to finding every container and then to dismantle the container Successfully brought the container down for repairs May switch back and forth continuously because CY staff can't remember the container position. Because the agent approved a lot of repairs each time. 

4. CUSTOMER SERVICE AND RECEIPT DEPARTMENT                                    

This department must wait to receive documents from the driver to submit. To key the data into the system such as PAT documents and draft survey and collect expenses.

The problem is: Each agent is not the same price. And the containers size 20” and 40” are not the same price, so it may be cause staff to charge the wrong price.

When the keys information into the system. Sometimes the staff is a blur. The wrong number entered, Wrong customer name entered, Wrong containers size from short to long containers. Resulting in the wrong collection of money.

When the CS keys information into the system. It’s will send to the finance department to issue a receipt. The staff will look at the documents. Such as the container is size short must be an issue a receipt short container price. It is possible that CS staff misplaced the size.

When the receipt is issued Enter the customer name correctly, enter the correct price, enter the correct container number, as the CS sent, but the customer later informs that the wrong container number or the wrong customer name is entered, Request a new receipt. Which it is possible because the key must be re-entered every time the receipt is issued not extracting data from inbound staff.

Releasing SEAL outbound. Due to there are many agents. SEAL, therefore, has a variety of formats as well. And the colors and numbers are not the same. Causing staff to input documents to release the containers may be confused. Grab the SEAL of another agent to input wrong with another agent alternately.

In the event that a customer requests to reserve a container to install a fixed. The staff will lock the containers in the system. So as not to be release out with other shippers. But sometimes other departments use the same information, There may be other people mistake to press delete this one. Causing the said container to be released.

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